Bisexual/non-Monosexual & Queer Community

Bisexual Community a place for ALL Bisexual , Non-Monosexual & Queer-identified peopleWelcome to our Bisexual Community. A friendly place for you to find listings and links to articles, pictures, videos, web comics, rants, raves, groups, events, conferences and other resource for the Bisexual, Non-Monosexual & Queer-identified Community.

Definition: Bisexual = people who ♥ people of Same/Similar Gender as themselves + ♥ people of Different Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

Bisexuals = people who can people of SAME/SIMILAR Gender as themselves + can people of DIFFERENT Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

DEFINITION OF BISEXUALITY: I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted - romantically and/or sexually - to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.  from “Selected Quotes” by Robyn Ochs

Bisexuals - A person whose enduring physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction is to other people of various sexes and/or gender identities. Individuals may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime. ~BiNet USA Bisexual Media Guide

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Bisexual is an Umbrella Term, so many words but Just One Community

Bisexual Umbrella from La bisexualidad es un concepto paraguas by Lille Skvat
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Celebrate Bisexuality Day held every September 23rd

Celebrate Bisexuality Day held every September 23rd

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