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Definition: Bisexual = people who ♥ people of Same/Similar Gender as themselves + ♥ people of Different Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

Bisexuals = people who can people of SAME/SIMILAR Gender as themselves + can people of DIFFERENT Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

DEFINITION OF BISEXUALITY: I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted - romantically and/or sexually - to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.  from “Selected Quotes” by Robyn Ochs

Bisexuals - A person whose enduring physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction is to other people of various sexes and/or gender identities. Individuals may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime. ~BiNet USA Bisexual Media Guide

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I’m sick of how bisexuality is erased in LGBT spaces. I get really nervous before any LGBT event, especially Pride. I feel incredibly sad and hopeless when gay and lesbian people call me insulting names. If gay and lesbian people don’t understand me – having been on the receiving end of hate themselves – then how will anyone else understand?

Read the full comic at Prejudice at Pride

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This part infuriates me:

"Bisexual activists have been extremely critical of Slate’s running of the post, though there has been no formal response from Slate despite “multiple inquiries” and the only response GLAAD received was from Prudence herself thanking GLAAD for their note.”

A thank you note?  Do they think they can patch this over with a thank you note?  A thank you note is what you send your elderly great aunt when she buys you an ugly Christmas sweater, not what you say when civil rights groups point out your flagrantly offensive rhetoric!  What the hell Slate? 

Yoffe owes the bisexual letter writer and the bisexual community an apology.  She needs to make a commitment to doing some kind of bisexual cultural competency training with someone — be it GLAAD or BiNet or BRC.  Or she needs to stop giving bisexual people her so-called “advice”. 

And where the hell is the Outward (Slate’s LGBT section) staff on this?  It is happening on their site on their watch and you’d never know it to look at their section.  Are they going to hold their co-workers accountable to write fairly and accurately about the B in LGBT, or does Outward only exist to shove queer content into a little ghetto so Slate can try to sell us a Lexus? 

- Sarah

Emily Yoffe is having a live chat on September 2 and you can submit questions in advance here

Let’s flood it until she has to address this. 

Indeed…let’s flood it with questions and with well thought out statements. A whole bunch of folks going into this telling her she’s biphobic without explaining exactly what they mean gives her too much opportunity to say “those bisexual people were mean so I’m not going to address this.”

So, my suggestions are to point out specific bits in her article that were particularly problematic. Explain that “thanking GLAAD for their note” is an entirely unacceptable response. And ask her when and how she’ll be addressing and apologising for the biphobia in her article.

I think it’s far more effective to simply give her personal stories.  She is the kind of person who thinks she’s always right.  If people flood her with demands for apology and criticism of her words and actions, she’ll spend most of her mental energy on coming up with justifications and excuses and reasons why what she said isn’t as bad as all these over-reacting, pushy, rude, over-sensitive people are making it out to be.  

However, telling her how it feels to be a bisexual person who is in the closet, and the psychological damage it does to yourself, could help her see.

Telling her how it feels when a published article tells you that bisexuality isn’t actually your identity and who you ARE, it’s just something sexually kinky you might choose to do, could help her see.

Telling her what it was like when you were a teenager looking around and seeing everyone treating bisexuality as something that disappears the moment someone is in a relationship, and therefore understanding that you HAVE to figure out whether you’re gay or straight because those are the only two valid orientations, and thinking that you must be broken and psychotic if you can’t figure out which you are, could help her see.

Telling her what it’s like to be in the closet could help her see. 

Telling her what it’s like to be told that you have to live a lie and pretend to be something that you’re not, could help her see.

Telling her what it’s like to be forced into a closet by social pressure just like hers, having to be constantly vigilant in your pretend identity, ever diligently censoring your words always in fear that you’ll react to a celebrity on TV along with your straight friends and then react to another celebrity along with your gay friends and then you’ll be destroyed and ostracized.  Could help her see. 

Let’s not put her on the defensive.

Let’s show her as vibrantly as possible how exactly what she said actually affects real people. 

Another good point, I think.

When the oppressed are having discussions on how to best discuss their oppression so the oppressor won’t spend more time oppressing them and instead will listen….

Asker Anonymous Asks:
As a fellow bisexual woman, I've got a few hate messages saying some things among the lines of ''bisexual people are just transphobic pansexuals'', what's your opinion on that?
bisexual-community bisexual-community Said:


My opinion is that the pansexual vs bisexual thing has to end. It’s so petty and pointless and when we’re divided, it stops us from focussing on the real issues like bi and pan erasure, and y’know, general human rights. 

Bisexuals and pansexuals should be friends. We’re very similar. Some of us even define ourselves in exactly the same way. 

Being bisexual isn’t transphobic because the most broadly used definition of bisexuality is: attraction to same and different genders or attraction to more than one gender.

Trans people don’t have their own special category. Trans men are men. Trans women are women. 

When I say I’m attracted to women, I mean women. Obviously including trans women. 

When I say I’m attracted to men, I mean men. Obviously including trans men. 

When I say I am attracted to non-binary people, I mean exactly that. 

I don’t think it’s a difficult concept for people to grasp, so I think this argument is rooted in biphobia, not in concern for the trans community. 

Bisexuality is not problematic by definition. Sure, there are going to be individual bisexuals that are transphobic but there are bad eggs in just about every group in the world. This isn’t a problem unique to the bi community, and to frame it like that is just plain biphobia. 

I could define myself as pansexual or bisexual. Most bisexuals probably could. I chose bisexuality because it is more broadly known about, and I am very determined to show people that bisexuality isn’t wrong. I refuse to not call myself bisexual because biphobic people are uncomfortable with the term for bigoted, unfounded, and ignorant reasons. 

Seriously, why are we hating on each other? We’re supposed to be a community. We get enough hate and abuse from the outside world. We don’t need this pointless bullshit on top of all that. 





[The “A” is for asexuals & aromantics- not allies]

Mine, please and thank you

I love it! (and still can’t believe people think that’s what the A stands for smh)




  • Sexism - and the word “men” - groups together white men with men of color, cis men with trans men, abled men with disabled men, etc. It means that a a queer trans man of color can oppress a white cishet woman.
  • Heterosexism - and the word “heterosexual” - groups together cis men, cis women and trans/nonbinary people, white people and poc, abled and disabled people, etc. It means that heterosexual disabled working class women of color can oppress abled white middle class gay cis men.
  • Cissexism - and the word “cisgender” - groups together cis women with cis men, white people and poc, abled and disabled people, etc. It means a cisgender lesbian woman of color can oppress a white trans man. (You know? I bet this is an argument that radscums actually use.)
  • Ableism - Okay you get the point
  • Classism - Or so I hope
  • Ageism - Because this is ridiculous
  • Etc.

Why is this ridiculous?

  • Because this is not how intersectionality works
  • Each term represents one axis of oppression
  • No one term can take all axes into account
  • Nor should it, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to talk about the oppression of any specific group
  • No one axis of oppression trumps all others
  • To say that monosexism inherently and necessarily trumps all other axes is to derail the discussion
  • Is a black lesbian trans woman privileged over a white bisexual cis man? Of course not.
  • But that is not the question
  • The question is: is a black lesbian trans woman privileged over a black bisexual trans woman?
  • Take a look at some of our statistics, and then think about that.
  • Then take a look at how I, the person who wrote the monosexual privilege checklist, wrote, time after time, about how the list is meant to draw attention to straight people and away from gay and lesbian people.
  • Then take a look at my book, which includes the list, and is about intersectional bisexual politics, with chapters about how monosexism works at intersections between bisexuality and women (including trans women), men (including trans men), trans and nonbinary people, and people of color.
  • And was written by a bisexual genderqueer disabled person/woman of color.
  • FFS
  • Then after you acknowledge all that, maybe we can start having a discussion.

[Note: I trust tumblr will ignore this post much like any other that I make about monosexism and monosexual privilege because I guess I’m making too much sense? But - just in case it gets around, know that I may not be following up, as per low spoons. Hate to my ask box will be deleted.]



Ochs and Preble’s photo was used nationally and they were labeled a lesbian couple repeatedly, even by The Washington Post,to which they gave an exclusive interview headlined, “A Carefully Considered Rush to the Altar: Lesbian Pair Wed After 7 Years Together.” The pair quickly became poster children for “gay marriage.” The problem? Ochs not only identifies as bisexual but is a renowned bisexual activist.

“To me personally, it matters because one of the challenges of identifying as bisexual is dealing with repeated erasure,” Ochs says. "My identity is hard-won — I worked very hard and for a very long time to come to a place of comfort and pride about who I am, and it matters to me that people see me accurately.”

What happened to Ochs is more than just a useful anecdote for her talks all over the country about bisexual erasure. It’s an example of how bisexuals are left out of marriage even when fighting for it on the front lines.
[read more … but be aware of terrible people in the comment section]

robynochs is one of my heroes… she helped me understand that being bisexual is just as valid as any other letter in LGBT….

yep the comments are horrendous! and they have been getting worse and worse thru the entire series  It seems like the more popular Advocate Magazine writer (and out bisexual person) Eliel Cruz gets, the bigger the backlash against him as well as the bisexual community. Now they have even started attacking him because he is out, proud and religious! 

Really LGbt Community (because face it, how many straight people read and comment to the Advocate) did you Have to go there?

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Song of the Day: All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

A fun, infectious body positive song with gorgeous art direction!

totally ♥ this video and song! 

could always be wrong 4 sure, but just don’t think celebrating something you are and something you like means you are denigrating everything else not mentioned

  • Straight couple: *gropes each other in public*
  • Same-sex couple: *holds hands*


profondità piatte

Will you give a dollar (or more!) to help Wild Iris Books? They’ve already been behaving like a nonprofit for years, putting on feminist and LGBTQ+/trans-specific events and providing activist education. They are extremely bi and trans friendly. Some of their recent adventures include the Sinister Wisdom release party (Southern lesbian history), organizing the sign-making party for the protest in front of Gainesville’s new Hobby Lobby, and hosting trans activist Peter Cava’s talk about the new book Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, an event that concluded with a discussion between trans audience members about how they and their straight allies can work towards safer streets for trans pedestrians.

Here’s the link to their indiegogo campaign.


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Made Bisexual cupkaes with thedoctorsbrokenhearts

Oh yum!


So I went to Kohl’s and found this awesome candle!

We here at BC need to switch all our lighting to these…