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Definition: Bisexual = people who ♥ people of Same/Similar Gender as themselves + ♥ people of Different Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

Bisexuals = people who can people of SAME/SIMILAR Gender as themselves + can people of DIFFERENT Genders/Gender Presentations from themselves

DEFINITION OF BISEXUALITY: I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted - romantically and/or sexually - to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.  from “Selected Quotes” by Robyn Ochs

Bisexuals - A person whose enduring physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction is to other people of various sexes and/or gender identities. Individuals may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime. ~BiNet USA Bisexual Media Guide

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Bisexual is an Umbrella Term, so many words but Just One Community

Bisexual Umbrella from La bisexualidad es un concepto paraguas by Lille Skvat
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labels are for soup cans and queer kids who want to know that they aren’t alone

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FYI here's a way 2 look at Bi vs Pan: One begins with the letter B and is a Community Identity Label used by approx 93% to 97% of all english-speaking Non-monosexual ppl the other begins with the letter P and is one of a large number of Non-monosexual Personal Identity Labels which differ by location, age, ethnicity/religion/race, gender, social class, educational attainment, income, family-structure, etc. Both are fine to use + many use both! :)
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yes this is good, I like this, thank you.

I get short with people sometimes and don’t write out the whole thing, so… look at this instead.


"Isn’t the problem that society separates people into cis and trans? Can’t we all just be humans?”

Actually the problem is that society doesn’t separate us into cis and trans; it separates us into trans and “normal”.

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We need labels because we do not want to be overridden by the default. And that includes labels for the default, instead of allowing people to insist that they are the norm and thus don’t need a label. Hence all the brouhaha over ‘cis,’ a term used to describe people who have a gender consistent with that assigned to them at birth. It’s perfectly reasonable to label those people, distinguishing them from trans people, who have genders that differ from those assigned to them at birth. Both groups of people need to be identified.


We’re seeking submissions of Young Adult stories with bisexual main characters! We’re looking for main characters ages 14-18 who experience positive character growth though the story.

Please see the information in the poster above or check our our submission guidelines.

See a more complete list of what we’re looking for at the original post. And please, give us feedback if there’s something you’d like to see that we’ve left out.

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Queer characters DO NOT and SHOULD NOT have to “make straight people see how normal we are”. I have no interest in characters in literature who look like me but are not for me. Queer characters should first and foremost be for queer people. If straight people get anything out it, then that is a neat perk. I reject the idea of cloaking characters in respectability politics because queer characters are not to blame for queer oppression.

I do not want characters that are written to teach straight people that we are “good people” because the logical extension is to blame queer characters (and queer people) for not being good enough.

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New Documentary Highlights Discrimination Within the Black Lesbian/(and Bisexual) Community

The Same Difference is an hour-long documentary about lesbians who discriminate against other lesbians and bisexual women by Nneka Onuorah, an associate producer for BET.

“It’s almost like a gang,” Onuorah tells ELIXHER. “This is the criteria. This is what you have to do or you’re not a part of it, you’re not in it, or you’re not real. I thought that was ridiculous” … she wanted to start the conversation and shed some light on those issues …

So far, the teaser has been well received. The LGBT community wants to see it because they are living this every day…

Her fundraising goal is $15,000 and the money raised will go to production costs for her to complete the film. Onuorah does not want to only get the major city perspectives that are always seen. She wants to talk to people in states like Utah, Arkansas, and Washington … she also wants to make sure the message is heard by everyone, not just the lesbian community.

“It’s the same difference,” she says. “It’s not like we [lesbians] just face discrimination or we discriminate against each other and have stereotypes. This happens in the African American [heterosexual] community. From culture to culture, we’re doing this to each other. You can take the ‘lesbian’ out of the film and it will still be as powerful”The Same Difference is sure to spark a national dialogue around identity and the way we police one another. Give what you can to help make this important film happen. Donate here.



Guys, this is making news. We’re being heard.

But the comments on the article are, as usual, horrible (accusing us of being delusional, crazy, etc.).

If you guys could please go offer some words of support, that would be GRAND.

Article HERE: (x)


Not only are the comments on the article horrible, but the writer of the article was getting harassed by people for even writing it.

Please people go show some love and if you have a Twitter go and tell this guy he’s fucking rad.

The journalist being harassed is Eliel Cruz, a bisexual writer, activist and all around good guy.

He also helped get the word out about the entire Bisexual Erasure of NBC’s "Constantine" (x)(x) in his article NBC’s Constantine Won’t Be Bisexual and supports the #BiBlazer Twitter campaign. Cruz is one of the writers for the Advocate Magazine’s Bisexual section.

You can also follow him on his Facebook Writer’s Page and on his Twitter Account.

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 Note: The REAL Piper of Orange is the New Black has clearly stated, "Well, you know, I’m bisexual so, I’m a part of the gay community.” Additionally she has pointed out that she came out at "either 18 or 19", and "had relationships with many, many women before I met Nora and after I met Nora."

So viewers should be aware that it was a "creative decision" of the shows writers, producers + NetFlix to minimize and erase the character’s actual + stated bisexuality by never using the "B-Word", turning her instead into a tired bisexual trope. This should not be viewed as at all realistic.

IRL Piper Kerman is a strong, interesting, out bisexual women in a different gender marriage, who participates in her LGBT Community and works hard for Prison Reform.

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Arguing on the basis of roots is problematic because roots have a meaning derived from the history and politics of actual use. For example, we don’t interpret “transsexual” to mean “sexual attraction toward people sitting across from me” even though the root “trans” in Latin is used predominantly as a spacial adjective or adverb. The pairing of a spacial adjective with a linguistic noun to describe gender in ways that were quite binary until the last few decades is a social construction.

Similarly, the history and politics of bisexual

"the question needs to be asked as to why Victorian and Edwardian shrinks are more authoritative in defining bisexuality than bisexual people."

BAM, nailed it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I have recently come out to everyone I know as gay. I have started a relationship with a woman and I am 95% happier than ever. But I'm still ashamed at being bi. I think that's what I identify as if truth be told. But I believe what bi phobic people say. I am the first person to say all the negative things about bisexual people. I should just choose, it is just greedy, it is impossible to be I love or sexually attracted to both genders. I feel terrible :-(
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You shouldn’t feel terrible for being bi or questioning your sexuality, the only thing you should feel bad about is saying bad things about fellow bisexuals. I know the closet is sometimes necessary and fucking sucks but please don’t reinforce your closet by being biphobic, it doesn’t help bisexuals and it ultimately does not help your situation.

Good news: now that you know that you might be bi and know your behaviour is shitty you can now move forward and work on un-fucking your mindset and unlearning biphobia and your own insecurities, it is possible to move past this stage I promise.

You’re suffering from a shit-ton of internalised biphobia, there is no “side” to choose and you’re not greedy for being attracted to more than one gender (there’s more than just two as well), you are wonderful anon you just have to see it for yourself.




*very quiet voice* queer spaces need to be safe for people of faith too 

For queer people of faith. Not for “I used to be homophobic, pat my back” people of faith. Not for “Jesus loves you ANY WAY, even though you’re a bad sinner” people of faith. Not for vague ally people of faith. Queer spaces for queer people.

amen v’amen

Resources For Bisexual/Non-Monosexual, Queer + Questioning People of Faith (any faith):

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Last night my little sister (5th grade) was making an e-mail account

She saw gender and went to click female when she noticed the “other” choice

She looked at me confused and I started to explain that some people don’t think they fit in with strictly male or female

"Oh! You mean like transgender and stuff like that. I was freaked out for a second- I thought they meant robots."

Yet another example the kids are more open-minded than adults

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Did you know that nonbinary bisexuals exist? And that using the existence of nonbinary people as an argument against bisexuality is especially harmful to us?

You’re literally using our gender as an argument against our sexuality.

I don’t need to explain how fucked up that is.


Are you a trans youth or do you want to help trans youth in your area? Check out Trans Across America, which indexes resources for trans youth in the United States! Check it out: